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Videos of German tourists taking part in sex orgies in Mallorca night club are finding their way onto the internet.
Flyers boast of the ‘Super Erotic Show’. Hundreds of partygoers turn up to drink, dance and watch live sex show all for €15. Around 3.30 am six young women dressed in sexy underwear come on stage [...]

Swingers orgy inside an upmarket 17th century hall

A company paid Ł9,000 to hire picturesque Halswell House, in Goathurst, for the swingers romp involving 350 well-off guests.
Women wore corsets and suspenders and everyone was in masks and capes for the sexy get-together at the Somerset pile.
Owner Grahame Bond said couples were “having sex over the banisters and beneath the chandeliers” at [...]


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