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World sex confessions of celebrities

A British tabloid has compiled a complete A-Z list covering sex confessions of celebrities. The Sun has put together saucy antics of the stars as revealed by themselves.
A is for Anywhere: Victoria’s Secret model Heidi Klum and husband Seal are less concerned about where they are and like to work up some steam by doing [...]

Your car will make you more attractive

What do women find sexy? Hybrid cars. They’re chick magnets.
So says a survey by General Motors that found nearly nine in 10 women would rather talk to a guy in a Prius than a Porsche. Dumping the SUV in favor of an econobox would make you more popular at parties, too. Eighty percent of respondents [...]

Couple having sex at a park in Singapore

Pictures of a couple having sex at a park in Singapore are said to be making their rounds on the Internet.
According to the Sin Chew Daily, though no details have been given about the nine pictures, the couple are said to be Singaporeans, reports the Star Online.
In the initial pictures, the woman was shown wearing [...]

World sex travel – Female sex tourism

Female sex tourism is travel by women, partially or fully for the purpose of having sex. The practice differs from male sex tourism in that women do not typically use the structures of the sex industry (e.g. strip clubs, sex shows and organised tours) to meet foreign partners. Women’s trips may be referred to as [...]

Online call girl exposes Brazil’s sex myths

She was known to her clients as Bruna the Surfer Girl, a chic Sao Paolo prostitute who fled her middle-class home at the age of 17 to sell herself to up to five men a day. Then Bruna took to the Internet, and her racy accounts of life as a high-class Brazilian call girl [...]

Adult dating and live sex chat

Adult dating and live sex chat are another great way to spice up your life.
Anyone who wants to hook up or just have fun from home can enjoy adult dating and live sex chat right from their own computer if they go to the Adult Friend Finder site. This is an adult site that allows [...]

How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Sex is a natural part of life. And sexual intercourse can provide a beautiful experience for two lovers who want to show each other how they really feel. The very act of engaging in sexually stimulating sessions with a partner can also be a great physical and psychological stress reliever.
Sex is also FUN … so [...]

Sex Work, Women & The Recession has published a heart-wrenching article about a terrible side effect of the economic downturn. Apparently, more women are turning to sex work to make ends meet, because jobs that pay decent wages are so scarce. And the Internet makes it easier than ever for women with no experience in this secretive industry to get [...]

World’s Most Expensive Places to Have Sex

For obvious reasons you can’t recycle a condom, but have you ever wondered which countries “tax” sex the most?
Well… Shanghai came out the cheapest with an average price of just $4.50 (£2.25), whilst Ireland was the country where sex costs the most (!) at almost $18 (£9) on average for a pack – (perhaps due [...]

Countries with the best sex lives

Men’s Health conducted an international survey to find the world’s healthiest men, based on five categories: nutrition, fitness, stress, health, and sex. Here’s what you can learn about sex from the winners.
What went into the scores: marriage rates, divorced population, sex partners and frequency, masturbation habits, number of friends, sexual satisfaction, and affairs.
United Kingdom: There’s [...]


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