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Famous actresses in lesbian sex scenes

Julianne Moore was shocked by her acting skills when watching her new movie “The Kids Are All Right” – she can’t believe how graphic her lesbian sex scenes turned out.
The actress and Annette Bening play a same-sex couple in the new movie, about a lesbian couple’s kids who search to find their sperm donor dad.
And [...]

Online sex cam masturbating priest

An Australian priest who used a webcam to broadcast himself masturbating online to a person he believed was a 13 yo teen girl will be behind bars for at least six months.
The 54 years old priest, has been sentenced to a maximum of 18 months in jail for grooming and procuring a child under the [...]

Average sex lives in the world

Southeast Asians have the unhappiest sex lives in the world, making love less often than people elsewhere and getting the least satisfaction from it, according to a global survey.
French people have sex most frequently, at 7.7 sessions a month, while Germans and Britons had 6.45 and 6.4 sessions, respectively, according to the survey commissioned by [...]

Italian Prime Minister in live sex chat rooms

It has been revealed that Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has readily admitted that he has been calling sex chat lines to speak to sexy webcam girls who perform live sex shows online to find out what their thoughts are on his government policies.
Silvio Berlusconi, 72 years old and Italy’s most influential man and media [...]

Horny German sex in jail

A horny German man who broke into jail at night for sex romps with his imprisoned girlfriend faces a stretch behind bars himself, The Sun reported Monday.
Daniele Eberhardt, 33, was arrested after other female prisoners complained that he and his unnamed lover’s “grunts and groans” kept them awake at night and made them feel “frustrated.”
“It [...]

Free sex live with webcam chat online

From free sex live webcam chat to 3D dating worlds, hooking up on the web seems to get more and more sophisticated and animated every day. And of course with so many new and advanced live sex sites emerging each month, we the eager consumers seem to be the ones benefiting the most from all [...]

The Girlfriend Experience – now in cinemas

Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh unveils the world’s most elusive porn megastar, Sasha Grey, as his new muse in this bold, sensual drama.
THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE takes you deep inside the convoluted reality of high-end escorts – a business that provides men with the ultimate GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE.
The only catch? A $2,000 price tag.
Following [...]

World live sex webcam shows

Viewing adult xxx videos and porn films has been one of the favorite pastimes of a lot of men and women world wide. But in modern times this activity has started losing to live sex webcam shows which are getting increasingly popular and with good reason, too. You can choose your own private live cam [...]


Devastating news just hit the area surrounding the Los Angeles International Airport. The Century Lounge strip club, famous for its enormous sign complete with pulsating red and orange lights that read “LIVE, LIVE LIVE, NUDE, NUDES”, has been shut down after the lease recently expired, as cited in the LA Times.
The strip club advertising [...]

Bare breasts women in public for Toples Day

How do we missed this?
Topless women and and men march along Central Park South to celebrate “National Go-Topless” Day in Manhattan
Some were shocked. Others disgusted. But for some, it was the breast day ever!
Dozens of semi-nude women gave the New York city a Double-D eyeful Sunday when they bared their boobs in Central Park and [...]


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