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Hitler Sex Tape Promoting Safe Sex

A safe sex awareness campaign to be shown on television next week featuring Adolf Hitler having sex without a condom followed by the tagline “AIDS is a mass murder” is creating controversy in Germany.

Want to scare the living bejesus out of anyone who might consider having unprotected sex? How about scaring your kids into towing the line about wearing condoms or abstaining altogether from sexual activity? If an Adolf Hitler sex tape wouldn’t scare them into ’safe sex’ then it’ll certainly disgust them to the point they may never think about sex again. No, probably not.

There is a controversial AIDS awareness ad that is causing an uproar from established HIV/Aids charities. The ad has been released as part of 2009 World Aids Day and has the tag-line ‘AIDS is a mass murderer’. Apparently, some ad guy decided that if HIV/AIDS is mass murder, then why not pick one of the best known mass murderers in history to star in the ad. Thus, we have a Hitler sex tape.

The commercial depicts a couple in a dimly-lit bedroom undressing and beginning love making. At first it appears to be a sexy commercial for some product, perhaps more than average sexy. As the steamy advertisement continues the camera begins to focus on the man’s face. At the moment of climax, the man is revealed to be none other than German Dictator Adolf Hitler.

HIV/AIDS charities are distancing themselves from the commercial. The organizations say that AIDS is already stigmatized and making an association between having AIDS and Hitler further alienates the people who suffer from the disease. In addition, the ad doesn’t acknowledge the reality that in Western countries, HIV can be managed to the point that it doesn’t necessarily develop into AIDS. The concern is that leaving that information out of any AIDS awareness commercials will discourage people from getting the help they needs should they become infected. Another complaint about the ad is that it doesn’t convey any preventative measures that can be taken to prevent AIDS.

The question is whether or not they intended to give information, or if their intention was to get people’s attention. They may not have done the former, but they are certainly succeeding at the latter.

The 45-second clip, which ends with the tagline “AIDS is a mass murder“, intends to scare people into using condoms by associating the virus with the notorious dictator. It was produced by das Comitee, a German ad agency on behalf of a German AIDS Awareness group. The campaign’s website said the advertisement will be played on German TV next week to promote World AIDS Day on Dec. 1, but only after 9pm because of its sexual content.

Hitler isn’t the only face of evil in the ad campaign. The group has also produced posters featuring Saddam Hussein and Joseph Stalin. They also have done a radio spot featuring a reworking of a speech by Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

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